There is not enough time in the world to explore all that Bangkok has to offer: dazzling temples, history and urban culture, skyscrapers,  spectacular palaces, floating markets, delicious foods and drinks, pink cabs and tuk-tuk(s), a great infrastructure with high speed highways, exceptionally kind and hospitable thai people and so many attractions that bring tourists from all over the world every year. In 2015 Bangkok received 18.24 million international visitors and was number 2 in a Top Ten most visited cities in the world.

For most of us, Bangkok is the entry gate in the “Land of Smiles” so if you get here, plan a few days to spent in this amazing city. You will be hooked on Bangkok forever!




It takes you from a very cultural experience (with all the shining temples and crumbling ancient ruins) to an occidental street culture as seen on the Khao San Road. (this is where we spent our first nights in Thailand).




Khao San Road is a famous street among backpackers and not only them. It is located in the heart of Bangkok, the old centre of the town and you are walk-distance from many must-see attractions. You can find here accommodation for every budget (from hostels to fancy hotels), lots of shops(local vendors), thai street food(fruit) carts or known fast food restaurants, tailors, tattoo and or piercing studios, bars, clubs and karaoke venues.

Easily, you can find venues to “award” you with any degree you would like(be it from Princeton, Oxford or Institute of Technology from Mumbai); if you have the desire to “get” another citizenship or be 21 again that’s the place you need to visit, but despite the original look the papers will have, be warned not to use them as official documents.


Khaosan is known for its night life, great parties and is a very popular place to meet people from all over the world. At night it gets crowded so pay attention to your pockets and to your drinks (drink only from open-in-front-of-your-eyes bottles unless you want to feel like a character from the “Hangover2”. :))  )



The street food here is delicious whether you eat pork, chicken or… bugs. (we were never temped to try the bugs).



What I love most about Bangkok: the happy, loving thai people, the simple life at its best for so many of them, the old city surviving in the urban contemporary metropole, the night life, the streets full of people, the smells (only the good ones), the local shops, the young vibe we met. The city is so alive and so are you! No wonder Thailand is called “the land of smiles”.


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  1. I’ve been to Thailand but different area, it is indeed a nice place to explore. The people, culture and food are great you will sure want to go back. Nice post! See you around! 🙂


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