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    Rice Terraces Ubud Bali

    The rice terraces have an important role in the lives of all the people on the island. Not only the rice is a major ingredient in their kitchen and is used in the clothing and construction, but it is a part of their thousand years culture and part of their communion with land and gods. They also make offers to their Gods using leafs, incent sticks, rice and flowers. After every morning’s blessing, some balinese hindu…

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    Little India Singapore

    Little India is a small neighbourhood in Singapore sampling the bigger India: the scents, the people, street foods and lovely buildings. I have not…

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    Phi Phi Island

    As a kid I saw a movie with endless beaches, quiet jungles, shallow turquoise water and fishes, so many weird, colourful fishes. It was…

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    Prague   the heart of Bohemia       One cannot visit Prague without falling in love with it! This medieval city is lovely no…

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    There is not enough time in the world to explore all that Bangkok has to offer: dazzling temples, history and urban culture, skyscrapers,  spectacular palaces,…