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Infinity Pool @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore

When planning a visit to Singapore, one cannot miss Marina Bay Sands. This fantastic futuristic building has a great infinity pool right on top of it on the 57th floor. For us it was such a wonderful experience that we decided to dedicate an article and to share some insights and stunning pics with you. On the 56th floor there is a skypark opened for everyone for a fee, but the view will make it worth your time.

What you need to know prior to your visit:

  •    Unfortunately, this pool is for guests only, opened from 6 am to 11 pm.
  •    You can enter only by the card you received at your check in. The cards are individuals.
  •    There are places dedicated to people with children and a pool for adults only.
  •    You can buy foods and drinks at the pool.
  •    The water is warm enough, no matter the weather. However, DO NOT go there if it rains, its an unique “rollercoaster” sensation and you might see nothing.
  •    On the side with the pool you have a view of the Singapore city, on the other side there are some hot-tubs and you can enjoy a great view of the Gardens By The Bay.
  •    You can make some very nice photos at the sunset (7pm to 7:30 pm), but they will be a bit “burned”. The sun goes down at the pool side. More appealing pictures you can take in the morning , if waking up early its your thing, the sun will not bother you and the pool will be near empty.


As everything in this life, there are good things and bad things. The good thing about it: the view is absolutely A-MA-ZING! The bad thing: everyone in the hotel wants to be there, so it can get crowded and noisy.

If It’s too much for you, alternatives can be found for a somehow similar views, the Singapore Flyer (the local response to London’s Eye), the Skyway (a suspended bridge above the Gardens), or even one of the business buildings in the city centre.

Never have we ever imagined to bathe in this infinity pool so you can make a clear picture of our joy and gratefulness we felt all day.

Dreams do come true! Just wait for them to happen and never lose your hope.

Love, Danu ♥

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